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Human Touch Massage Chairs

Human Touch massage chair 7120

Human Touch® 7120 (pictured above)
Human Touch® 5040
Human Touch® 3300

Human Touch Perfect Chairs

Human Touch perfect chair 095

Perfect Chair 095 (Picture Above)
Perfect Chair 075
Perfect Chair 085
Perfect Chair 086


Additional Brochures

Selecting the Right Sleep System

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Sleep, Back and Wellness

Advanced Medical Equipment is proud to announce the addition of their new Sleep, Back and Wellness division. We have devoted a large section of our Kettering facility to bring our customers the latest advances in sleep comfort and wellness. We want to help our customers who are dealing with chronic pain and sleep problems. Our goal is to address your problems with a wide variety carefully selected, quality products at the best prices.

Our ergonomic chairs, pillows and mattresses can provide you with better sitting and sleeping, less pain and discomfort, and over-all better health. We invite you to read the brochures on this page and stop in and see these amazing products for yourself.

Proper spine alignment is the key to the presentation and selecting the right sleep system.


The correct mattress depth will allow the shoulder and hip to sink deep enough into the mattress to stabilize the spine while minimizing pressure point pain on the shoulder and hip. The shoulders and hips will be perpendicular and the spine straight or in a neutral position if the mattress is correct. When in doubt- Checking Posture is 1st priority. Knowing their room temperature is 2nd.


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Perfect Chair 6

Perfect Chair 086

Perfect Chair 075

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